Chicken Curry Bun – Restoran Lucky(PD) Seafood



Biggest Chicken Curry Bun in Malaysia


A soft and buttery bun, bigger than palm size and when cut open it’s like a flower shape.


It’s was only 3 of us so we could not order 2 buns and the best we can do was to order the “Ying Yong” which consist of a sumptuous harmony of half Curry Pork Ribs and half “Dong Po” Pork. Both are equally delicious and the curry gravy was thick enough for bread to dip in. We will try the chicken version on our next trip there.

Besides the buns they also serve lots seafood and their most popular one is the ‘Dragon Tiger Seafood Pot’ or also referred as ‘Dragon and Tiger Reunion’ to some. This extraordinary looking dish is a combination of milky and mild curry soup, fused with generous servings of fresh seafood such as a whole crab, prawns, clams, fish slices and meat balls. The dish is comes in boiling claypot along with a plate of rice vermicelli that would soak up the flavor of the soup better compared to rice. Our next trip there we will be ordering this dish.


Restoran Lucky(PD) Seafood

4366, Taman Aman,

Jalan Besar Lukut,

71010 Port Dickson,

Negeri Sembilan

Tabata Interval Tennis Workout




Tabata interval tennis workout to stay fit for tennis.

We started off with warm up exercises before stretching because stretching with “cold” muscles can lead to injury.

After raising the temperature of our body and muscles we can now safely begin the very high intensity exercises with short period of rest in between exercises.

Finally we finished off with cooling down Yoga stretches.

Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club – Royal Klang Club


Affiliation with Royal Klang Club

We made a day trip to Port Dickson to “cari makan” and towards the evening we played some tennis to burn out some calories that we put in earlier.

4 tennis courts with 1 on the roof top.

Synthetic Turf Tennis Courts

A synthetic Turf Tennis court is a surface comprised of polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibers infilled with a specially graded sand top dressing. The sand filled dressing comes in a variety of colors, with green or sandstone being the most popular colors.  It is an ideal surface for customers with older courts that have severe structural cracking.  Because heavy equipment is not required for installation, it is also ideal for in hard-to-access locations. It can also be installed on a new concrete, asphalt or aggregate base.  The resulting surface is slower and more forgiving, much like a clay court, without the maintenance and foul weather issues inherent with them. The specially designed sand filled surface holds firm, even after a heavy rain, reducing wait time to minutes instead of hours. The sand level and size may be adjusted to the customers preference on ball speed and foot play.  A court with more sand will be slower and create a slip and slide effect more like a clay court.   A court with less sand will be faster and offer more stability.  This product carries a full 7 year warranty and has a minimum surface life of 20 years.


We had a match with one of the lady member from PD Yacht Club by the name of Ginny and she partnered Hock Chye. My partner Victor and I won the first set 7 – 6 and lost the second set 6 – 0

Athletic Coach

Today we met up with our former athletic coach Cikgu Amir at his home in Jalan Yadi in Klang. Siew Wen and I started training with Cikgu Amir when we were in standard 5. His dedication, training methods and discipline has taken us to compete at school level to district, state and finally to the national level(Siew Wen). Thank you coach!

We would like to wish him the best of health and more visits to come in near future.


Tilapia Fish with Wanton Mee – Restoran R. Cheng Fei Zhou Yee Wanton Mee





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA金针 golden mushroom – classic with steamed tilapia, enoki, garlic, & ginger

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA干煎 deep fried – self explanatory with soya sauce and some chili too



This restaurant is situated in a secluded area outskirt of Rawang town in a Chinese village called Kampong Lee Kim Sai. “Waze” took me directly to the restaurant. When making my order I could hear some of the staffs and customers speaking in Hakka dialect so I guess the food here has got the Hakka style of cooking.

The lady boss took my order and she recommended me one tilapia fish steamed version with the golden mushroom sauce and one deep fried version with soya sauce and some chilly “padi” and both comes with Wanton noodles. The meal was so satisfying. Totally awesome!

They do serve a variety of dishes but I all opted for the tilapia fish wanton noodles which I have not seen or tasted before.

Altogether they have 6 different types of concocted sauce.

  • 金针 golden mushroom – classic with steamed tilapia, enoki, garlic, & ginger
  • 酱蒸 bean sauce – brown bean sauce with deep fried tilapia
  • 干煎 deep fried – self explanatory, with some chili too
  • 油滑 classic oiled – steamed with soya sauce & oil, plenty of fried garlic
  • 咖喱 curry
  • 东炎 tomyam


Restoran R.Cheng Fei Zhou Yee Wanton Mee

No. E-13, Jalan 5,

Kampung Dato Lee Kim Sai,

48000, Rawang,


Wanton Mee and Beef Noodles – Long Sheng Food Stall



Wanton Mee Beef Noodles.

In Chinese, “牛肉麵” literally means “beef noodles”. “牛肉麵” typically consists of either brisket or shank only, but this restaurant also have tendon or a more expensive option with both meat, tendon and stomach tribe.


Char Siew Wanton – Wanton Mee


The Restaurant owner Mr. Eric Ng(standing) 3 years my senior in La Salle School Klang with See Hock Chye and Victor Silva

Klangites may recall the Chinese Kopitiam located in the corner shop at the main street in Little India in Klang that was famous for it’s coffee and tea and also the beef noodles. It was my favorite place to savor the beef noodles as not many places offer such noodles in Klang  but unfortunately Mr. Eric Ng had to close his business as the shop owner sold the property to another person. That was many years ago and only until now when a good friend of mine mentioned about the new opening of the noodle shop by Mr. Eric Ng in a new location nearly a month ago and I immediately gathered a few good friends to eat the beef noodles. I took a spoonful of the broth and it tasted so good as before.  And those who do not consume beef can opt for variations of Wanton noodles.

Guangzhou has the richest food resources in China and also the best beef stew. Mr. Eric Ng’s father brought the original recipe to Malaysia and that’s how the beef noodle came about. It takes 3 days to prepare the whole process to perfection and that’s the reason why beef noodles are only sold on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Long Sheng Food Shop

4, Jalan Rodat 2/KU5,

Bandar Bukit Raja,

41050 Klang,


Local n Western Food – Charlie’s Cafe


Opened by Malaysian couple Sonny & Debra with a view to benefiting indigenous workers from Sabah & Sarawak as well as people who might not be able to afford a meal.



This chicken is damn bloody good. A must dish to order if you re here.


The Sarawak Laksa is also just as good. Not so spicy but very flavorful.


We had to try the Nasi Lemak because it’s a common food in Malaysia and everyone eats it. Here it’s best to go with the Ayam Goreng Berempah.

Just 2 of us and we shared 3 items. Totally satisfying meal and for dessert we had the Durian soft ice-cream. Buy one free one. Yummy!



There are two components of Charlie’s mission. Behind the scenes in the kitchen, the Borneo-born Sonny & Debra employ mainly folks from East Malaysia & try to use a fair bit of indigenous produce for their menu. Secondly, for customers who want to help out, a pay-it-forward sponsored-meals system is available: Give the cashier RM5, take a receipt & post it on the board; other people who come in can claim a free meal using your receipt if they’re short of cash or struggling to make ends meet.

Charlie’s Cafe

29, Jalan Bukit Desa 5,

Taman Bukit Desa,

58100 Kuala Lumpur