Lai Sar Ng – Restoran Sin Tai Mah

stm  The star attraction

This is one of the pioneer restaurant in which selling the famous ‘Lai Sar Ng’.  Like some of the restaurant at Kajang, this Hakka dish is only served at Kajang and is famous among adults or children.  The fish is fried until crisy and the topping are made of shredded and preserved cucumber and onion.  Meanwhile, the ‘lai sar’ toppings are made of butter and milk and its cooked with a very unique and special way.  If you are thinking of trying this dish here, do come early or make reservation as sometimes you have to wait for as long as 1 hour for the dish to be served.

My in-laws are from Semenyih and when we eat there my father in-law would always order the biggest one and to be frank I alone can finish the whole fish but then if I do my wife will be staring at me. Haha!


Restoran Sin Tai Mah

492, Jalan Bangi,

Pekan Semenyih

43500 Semenyih



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