Hailam Curry Rice – Sena Hawker Center

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For Hainan Curry Rice, the rice is usually served with the some curry gravy. While it is called curry, the taste is actually very mild and not really spicy. It still give your an aroma of the nice curry flavour. But if you don’t like curry or don’t like the curry gravy all over your rice, you can either ask the stall worker put it on another bowl just for you. I like the gravy over-flowing on my rice. Our usual breakfast here would consist of braised bean curd pork roll, braised pork meats, braised stuffed bean curd and braised hard-boiled eggs, topping up with their tasty peppery soup of innards and pig’s blood curd.

Hailam Curry Rice

Lorong Sena,

off Jalan Nanas, (Sena hawker center, behind the former Cathay cinema)




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