Air Batu Campur – Ice Kacang Fatty Loong



Other than the ingredients what makes good ice-kacang is the ice; it should be smoothly shaved to give a easy melt-in-the-mouth experience. Many stall don’t take the effort to ensure these and they end up with hard flaky ice. Fat Loong’s has one of the smoothest ice shavings that I have ever tried.The syrup is the next important ingredient. These days, many stalls are using Gula Melaka syrup; the one here loses to none. Treacle-ly thick, it was sweet with a full Gula Melaka aroma just like the ones we eat in Melaka.



Junction of Jalan Kepong Baru & Jalan Jalan Antoi 3,

Kepong Baru,

Kuala Lumpur


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