Hakka Comfort Food – Restaurant Kong Ming


“Ping Zhan gwoo lo yook” or Ice Mountain Sweet-sour Pork. Besides the novelty of burying the pieces of sweet-sour pork under a mound of crushed ice, the flavours of the sweet-sour pork were absolutely perfect. Texture-wise, it was *very* crisp on the outside, and juicy & flavoursome inside.


“Dancing chicken”: another dish which packed a flavour here – boneless chicken braised in a claypot with dark soysauce, oyster sauce, ginger, onions, light soy and other aromatics, serving bubbling hot, topped with shaved Japanese bonito flakes. Bonito flakes are dried thinly shaved tuna. When the flakes are put on top of the hot chicken the flakes actually dance. Awesome sight! I would actually rename this dish as chicken with dancing fish.


Yet another Hakka comfort food joint you must visit.

Restourant Kong Ming 
112-1-B & 113-1, Lorong Haruan 5/4
Oakland Commerce Square
70300 Seremban,

Negeri Sembilan


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