Keropok Lekor dan Keping – Keropok Lekor Z


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These are Kelantanese keropok can be made from fish, prawns or squid. The way they are made is similar to keropok gote, but after they are steamed or boiled and thinly sliced and dried for storage or further cooking.

Keropok Gote are Kelantanese fish sausages. Made by combining fish flesh and sago, keropok gote is rolled into long firm sticks and then steamed or boiled. To enjoy it, one has to cut it into desired bite sized and deep fried. Different from Terengganu’s keropok lekor, the Kelantan variety is thicker and longer in size and has to be fried to be eaten.

Keropok Lekor Z

Kampung Pachakan Semerak

Pasir Putih,



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