Seafood – Restaurant Makanan Laut Villa

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Sitiawan is known for its strong Foochow heritage. Various traditional Foochow dishes such as Red Rice Wine Vermicelli, “Kong Piang”  are served in Sitiawan restaurants and households alike, as well as this “Goroow” which is Spicy and Sour Fish Maw Soup. Fish maws are fried before adding it into the sweet & sour soup, other ingredients found were wood ear fungus, egg and chives. The broth is spicy, sour, sweet, savoury and eggy-thick, a very satisfying soup indeed. Another renowned Foochow dish made with red glutinous wine, mee suah and chicken.

O chien a crispy rendition that I never try before and this certainly a lot better than the common oyster omelet that contain soft and chewy batter. Studded with copious of small oyster, this crispy deep fried egg omelet was addictively delicious and go well with the famous Kampung Koh chili sauce too!

Restoran Makanan Laut Villa

384, Kampung Cina,

32000 Sitiawan.



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