Seafood – Port Village Seafood Restaurant

Famous Port Village Seafood Restaurant (港村海鲜楼) @ Tanjung Harapan North Port, Port Klang Experience 1



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Port Village has been at Tg Harapan (North Port) for some years now.
As you walk along the plank walkway to the restaurant you pass big aquariums with live fishes and prawns. These can be selected for your meal.
It’s a simple, spacious place with wooden tables and plastic chairs.

The ambiance is very natural, windy, shady, small wave roaring but the seawater is, of course not clean as expected. No crystal blue water here. Well, this restaurant was built on top of it and you could expect some of the washing, cooking dispensing will right into the water… well, overall the scene is calm and it just gives you the feeling of SEAFOOD…

No matter what, this place is wonderful for family gathering, have a great meal, chi chatting, beering , enjoying the scene, listening to sea water … contemplating at boats…. that’s one of the wonderful life that we should appreciate… The crabs, kum heong bamboo clams and Hailam Mee must try!

Port Village Seafood Restaurant

Lms-A-12800, Tanjung Harapan,

41000 Port Klang,



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