Nyonya Kuih – Tasty Kuih Nyonya



Ang Ku Kuih meaning ‘red tortoise cake’ in Hokkien, the Ang Ku Kuih is the superstar of the kuih world. Usually chewy, bright orange-red skin and fragnant mung bean paste filling.


Kuih Lapis also known as ‘nine layered cake’ or more accurately ‘Kuih Lapis Beras’ and is easily identified by its multicolored layers which can be separated and eaten individually.


Pulut Tai-Tai is an elegant glutinous rice cake that’s marbled with Bunga Telang(butterly pea flower) blue and best when served with a rich flavored coconutty eggy fragrant Kaya.


Hakka Savoury Kuih with Hakka origins is made with translucent, chewy skin and fillings that include grated jicama, carrots and dried shrimps.


Teochew Ku Chai Kuih is a Teochew savoury chives dumplings which has a thick chewy skin and is filled with chopped chives, garlic and dried shrimps.

The shoplot has a simple front with no sign boards that belies the variety of kuih that is industriously and laboriously made by ladies within.  From little balls of pleasure (ondeh-ondeh) bursting with sweet, fragrant gula melaka filling to toothless pleasures of kuih koci, sticky pieces of dough made with glutinous rice flour and filled with sweet coconut, savoury pulut panggang barbequed in banana leaves and little pink fluffy steamed huat kueh with the fragrant smell of coconut milk, they’re all sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what Tasty Kuih Nyonya is.

Tasty Kuih Nyonya
No. 80, Jalan Rengas
Southern Park
41200 Klang



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