Cucur Udang / Tauhu Goreng – Semenyih




And the place that put Semenyih on the food map is an un-named stall located near the Semenyih field (beside the Sekolah Kebangsaan China Semenyih) which is referred to by locals as “Malek Tauhu”. We just call it the ‘Semenyih cucur udang’ place.

They also sell plain fried tauhu pieces, which explains the name, “Malek Tauhu”. The cucur udang are tasty, light and fluffy, with sufficient air pockets inside to soak up the sweet and tangy chili sauce. The fresh prawn (with shell) tops the cucur and chives are added to enhance the taste. This contrasts with the plain taufoo which are dense and rather tasteless. Cucumber slices are added to the order which serve to soothe the taste buds of those who can’t take the pungency of the chilies.

Cucur Udang / Tauhu Goreng




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