Indian Kopitiam – Restoran Sharul Hamid






A typical Indian food stall on an open shed under a big tree. The teh tarik is RM1.00 per glass and so as most of the items at RM1.00 No GST. My cup of teh-o kosong is RM0.90 Nasi lemak bungkus, mee hoon bungkus and mee bungkus are also at RM1.00 per packet. The roti banjir is awesome with the steaming hot dhall curry and sambal also at RM1.00 per piece. Many more items are also available.

This is a place where most of the workers are from India and the customers are from all walks of life from the blue collar workers to the white collar workers, all races and religions, rich and poor, and all enjoying the food and drinks under the same roof. Awesome sight to behold. This is what we call the Malaysian spirit the food that brings everyone together in harmony.

Restoran Shahul Hamid

No. 10, Lorong Rembau,

41000 Klang



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