Malay and Western Food – Cars Kitchen Cafe

Fettuccine Currynara



RM1.00 per packet


This cafe offers ‘nasik-campur’ during day time,and offers western & Malaysian menu after eight. Its affordable,run by local Malaysian and halal. the best,of most parts are, its tasty! This cafe located just beside the owner’s Eurowerks European Cars workshop. (Thus you can have a meal whilst waiting for your car to be fix!)

First time here for dinner. The environment was awesome and food taste extremely good. Average price per plate range from MYR1-MYR30 very affordable. Famous dish will be the CURRYNARA Spaghetti. Must try when you are here.

Cars Kitchen Cafe

No 1, Jalan SS13/5,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Operating Hours:
Weekdays [7.31am-11.59pm]
Saturday [11.01am-11.59pm]



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