Famous Hong Kong Roast Goose and Duck – Restoran Yi Kee





It was long time ago when I first ate roast goose in Hong Kong and cannot remember how it tasted like so I have come here just to rekindle the taste of the lovely famous Hong Kong roast goose in Malaysia.

The difference between a goose and a duck:-

1. Goose is bigger in size than the duck

2. Goose is migratory but the duck stays put

3. Goose is vegetarian but the duck eat insects and fish

We have only three choices to order the goose, the 1/4, half and whole bird. We have to settle for the 1/4 bird after seeing the prices. That plate of neatly cut goose pieces cost us a whopping RM43.00

The goose meat was good even without the sauces.

Restoran Yi Kee

223, Jalan Sarjana,

Taman Connaught,


56000 Kuala Lumpur


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