Malayali Cuisine – Kerala Curry House




This little restaurant is practically run by Mr. Ravi and his wife. The restaurant is named Kerala simply because his wife comes from this state in India. Since Kerala is populated by Malayali people their cuisine are based on that.

When my working base was in Port Klang many many years back I frequent this restaurant regularly even for tea breaks. Unfortunately I left Port Klang and so did many other companies to a more vibrant town such as Klang and Shah Alam.

Subsequently they lost many customers and now barely break even. After being away for a long time my former school mates and I made a special trip for lunch here. This English speaking couple kept their spirit up and maintaining the quality of the food that they served. We had a wonderful and tasty lunch.

If you are in Port Klang please go and visit this humble couple in their little restaurant. Taste their food and enjoy them completely.

Kerala Curry House

No. 81, Lebuh Berangan,

42000 Port Klang,



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