Sarawak Noodles – SRK Noodles House




Most customers prefer their famous kolo mee but this place that specialises in all kinds of Sarawak noodles definitely has my vote for serving one of the best kway chap in the Klang Valley. Slurp down the addictive dark brown broth packed with flavour that is sprinkled with shallot crisps for extra umami. A bowl is packed with innards like intestines, heart and ear, thinly-sliced pork belly, all chopped into bite-sized pieces.  Even the broad rice noodles are excellent with an unbeatable silky smooth texture. The bowl of noodles is also served at the perfect piping hot temperature for you to slurp it all down without feeling that it’s too rich-tasting.

SRK Noodle House
20B-1, Jalan 14/20,
Seksyen 14,
46100 Petaling Jaya,


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