Man Fan – Restaurant Sin Kee




After finishing my business appointment in KL Sentral I decided to take a short walk out of the station and into Jalan Tun Sambathan in Brickfields for a quick lunch and was walking aimlessly looking for something nice to eat and could not find one. I decided to call William who is studying in Methodist College nearby and ask him to join me for lunch but he said was in Awana Kijal in another state. I ask for his recommendation and he mentioned Sin Kee and I told him that I am now standing in front of the restaurant. LOL!

 Well, they are famous for their steam rice signature dish “Man Fan” (焖饭)

The rice was covered with a red bowl that comes with pork, squid, Chinese marinated sausage meat (腊肠) and other ingredient. Somehow I just feel that it is expensive when it cost about RM9.50 per plate although it is quite delicious.


Restaurant Sin Kee

194 Jalan Tun Sambanthan,

50470 Kuala Lumpur


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