Nasi Berlauk – Restoran Kak Som

kampong baru

Bird’s eye view of Kampong Baru. The contrast of the old village and the sky scrappers divided only by the highway.

kampong baru5

kampong baru2

Lauk – lauk


Nasi Kerabu

kampong baru4

Nasi biasa berlauk

The menu features the all famous Nasi Kerabu where its fluffy rice is cooked with bunga telang along with a variety of minced ulam (traditional salad) distributed on top completing it with a few splash of sambal and budu (fish sauce). Aside from the Nasi Kerabu, Kok Sam’s serves an equally excellent nasi dagang and laksam. Forget about your knowledge on laksa as Kak Som will bring you a northern style Kelantanese laksa. If you’re not feeling up to these particular dishes, there’s always the lauk style (rice and dishes) where the food is all set upfront for you to indulge.

Restoran Kak Som

No 13 B, Jalan Raja Muda Musa,

50300 Kampung Bharu,

Kuala Lumpur


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