Healthy Vegetarian Meals – The Ganga Cafe

The Ganga Cafe located at hidden area of Bangsar surrounded by terrace housing area serve aromatic and tasty Indian food. This is a sensational Gujarati eatery and if you are vegetarian, this place is suitable for you as they have plenty of food options. They even have exotic sound menu such as ayurvedic chapatti, chana bhatura, vada pav and upma.


Ganga Standard Thali set


The cheese and garlic naan


Coin-sized millet chapatti – greaseless but very aromatic & tasty. Smallest I have ever seen so far.


Vada Pav: A potato patty served on a bun with ghee and a spicy flour of chili and coconut. Very similar to a burger, but sans the meat. This was unique and had more of a kick from the spices. Totally love this one.


The best selling drink: The Pranic juice is great and refreshing. It’s a some sort of vegetables and herbs drink which is made of fresh mint, coriander, ginger, lime, pepper, black salt, honey and cumin.


The dining area can only cater a handful of customers so come early before the lunch or dinner crowd arrives. Parking your car can be a problem too.

The Ganga Cafe

19, Lorong Kurau,

Taman Bukit Pantai,

59100 Kuala Lumpur,


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