Banana Leaf Rice – Acha Curry House


Always plenty of vegetables – 4 types


Crab and salted fish curries


Crispy Fried Bitter Gourd with curry leaves


Moru Iced


Acha Curry House did not only serves the normal fish, chicken and dhall curries but instead, they opted for a more unique approach which includes salted fish, onion, and crab curry, which somehow works splendidly. Ask any customer, they wouldn’t have any regrets. As for me I love the salted fish curry and have yet to try the onion curry.

Another great addition to have with their banana leaf rice is the ikan bilis sambal which gives you a great burst of spice and flavour with just one spoonful, although in a weird way you’ll want even more when sweat starts pouring out of your glands. The fried bitter gourd are also great as they are always crunchy.

Their fried tinggiri fish as well as their mutton maruval also deserve honourable mention.

We finished off with a glass of Iced Moru(buttermilk with spices) which was very refreshing for a warm day.

Acha Curry House
271 Jalan 5/51
Petaling Garden
46100 Petaling Jaya


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