Wanton Mee and Beef Noodles – Long Sheng Food Stall



Wanton Mee Beef Noodles.

In Chinese, “牛肉麵” literally means “beef noodles”. “牛肉麵” typically consists of either brisket or shank only, but this restaurant also have tendon or a more expensive option with both meat, tendon and stomach tribe.


Char Siew Wanton – Wanton Mee


The Restaurant owner Mr. Eric Ng(standing) 3 years my senior in La Salle School Klang with See Hock Chye and Victor Silva

Klangites may recall the Chinese Kopitiam located in the corner shop at the main street in Little India in Klang that was famous for it’s coffee and tea and also the beef noodles. It was my favorite place to savor the beef noodles as not many places offer such noodles in Klang  but unfortunately Mr. Eric Ng had to close his business as the shop owner sold the property to another person. That was many years ago and only until now when a good friend of mine mentioned about the new opening of the noodle shop by Mr. Eric Ng in a new location nearly a month ago and I immediately gathered a few good friends to eat the beef noodles. I took a spoonful of the broth and it tasted so good as before.  And those who do not consume beef can opt for variations of Wanton noodles.

Guangzhou has the richest food resources in China and also the best beef stew. Mr. Eric Ng’s father brought the original recipe to Malaysia and that’s how the beef noodle came about. It takes 3 days to prepare the whole process to perfection and that’s the reason why beef noodles are only sold on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Long Sheng Food Shop

4, Jalan Rodat 2/KU5,

Bandar Bukit Raja,

41050 Klang,



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