Chicken Curry Bun – Restoran Lucky(PD) Seafood



Biggest Chicken Curry Bun in Malaysia


A soft and buttery bun, bigger than palm size and when cut open it’s like a flower shape.


It’s was only 3 of us so we could not order 2 buns and the best we can do was to order the “Ying Yong” which consist of a sumptuous harmony of half Curry Pork Ribs and half “Dong Po” Pork. Both are equally delicious and the curry gravy was thick enough for bread to dip in. We will try the chicken version on our next trip there.

Besides the buns they also serve lots seafood and their most popular one is the ‘Dragon Tiger Seafood Pot’ or also referred as ‘Dragon and Tiger Reunion’ to some. This extraordinary looking dish is a combination of milky and mild curry soup, fused with generous servings of fresh seafood such as a whole crab, prawns, clams, fish slices and meat balls. The dish is comes in boiling claypot along with a plate of rice vermicelli that would soak up the flavor of the soup better compared to rice. Our next trip there we will be ordering this dish.


Restoran Lucky(PD) Seafood

4366, Taman Aman,

Jalan Besar Lukut,

71010 Port Dickson,

Negeri Sembilan


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