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Pulau Perhentian – Terengganu


After less than an hour on a boat from the east coast of Malaysia, the laid-back atmosphere and the natural beauty of the Perhentian islands immediately transport you to a different world. The white sand is dotted with sun-worshipping holiday makers, some retreating to the shade for a glass of freshly squeezed juice. A group of scuba divers are boarding a boat to venture out into the turquoise waters and submerge themselves in the underwater wonderland. Later, as the sun sets, a quiet buzz of music and chatter fills the air, together with the thin wisp of smoke from the barbeque fire.


June 11 – 17, 2015

Harry Yap
William Yap
Devanesh Gunasingam
Lim Boon Keong
Amanda Wong
Krystal See

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Mulu Caves – Sarawak


Gunung Mulu National Park is a protected rainforest in Malaysian Borneo. It’s known for its dramatic peaks and caves, including the huge, bat-filled Deer Cave. The cave leads to the Garden of Eden, a hidden valley and waterfall enclosed by limestone cliffs. The Pinnacles at Gunung Api are tall, jagged limestone formations with steep trails and rare orchids. The summit of Gunung Mulu Mountain has views over the park.


April 28 – May 2, 2016

With Chai Chin, Tony Quay and 21 more new friends.

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Mount Kinabalu – Sabah


Explore Mount Kinabalu, a towering mountain and World Heritage Site with a tremendous ecological diversity. As Malaysia’s highest point, its summit (Low’s Peak) reaches 4,096 m (13,438 ft) above sea level. Provided you’re in good condition, you don’t need any special equipment for the accessible ascent to the top. Elsewhere on the mountain, several rock climbing sites offer challenges for experienced climbers. The protected mountain and national park that surrounds it support around 6,000 species of plants, 326 species of birds, and more than 100 species of mammals, with star residents including the huge Rafflesia plants as well as the endangered orangutan. For this reason, it remains one of the world’s chief sites of interest for scientists, nature-lovers, and conservationists.


with LSK classmates
Eddy Quay
Sunny Choong
Anthony Lee
Prabha Ramanathan
Samuel Ding
Chai Chin
Phang Hee

Gout Keng

May 21-25, 2015

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Taman Negara – Pahang

March 23 – 25, 2017

with william yap, michelle and thau van.

Taman Negara – Pahang, Malaysia

Before we proceed to Taman Negara we headed to Gua Kota Gelanggi which is 70km away from Taman Negara to explore the Elephant’s Head Cave , The Wind Cave , The Elephant Cave and The Wedding Cave to witness the majestic living minerals in the cave and of course not forgetting the flora & fauna.


Taman Negara, literally meaning “national park,” was established in 1938 and is thought to be the world’s oldest tropical rainforest estimated at 130 million years. Located in the center of the Peninsula Malaysia


Gunung Tahan is behind us.

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Trans-Siberian Railway Adventures

My friend Chai Chin has been talking about this adventure 2 years ago and only recently that we decided to make it a reality. We opted for the Trans-Siberian/Trans-Mongolian routes starting from Moscow and ends in Beijing.

Trans Siberian Railway Facts

Trans-Siberian railway or Transsib is the longest railway in the world (about 8000 km) and takes about 6 days to cross from Moscow to Vladivostok. A branch of this railway that goes from Chita to Beijing through Ulan-Bataar (in Mongolia) is called Trans-Mongolian and the other branch that goes around Mongolia straight to China is called Trans Manchurian railway. The whole journey from Moscow to Beijing also takes about 6 days.

The railway line, spanning eight time zones and travelling across two continents continues to beguile as a vital artery linking together the largest nation on earth.
But beyond the classic sites of Lake Baikal, the Kremlin and Vladivostok, there’s a wealth of lesser-known corners and detours on this epic journey.

The best way to travel along Transsib is to take trains between the major cities staying a few days in each, so you don’t have have to spend several days in the same train compartment. The more interesting places to stop along the way are Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk (2 days by train from Moscow – from there you can go to Altay mountains for trekking and rafting), Krasnoyarsk (3 days from Moscow – the climbing mecca and a great city), Irkutsk (4 days from Moscow – Baikal lake), Ulan-Ude (4.5 days – the first “Asian” city in Russia along the way), Vladivostok (6 days). Of course, Ulan-Bataar (5 days from Moscow) in Mongolia and Beijing in China also if you’re traveling in that direction.

The logistics are hard to organise on your own. It takes a lot of planning for this trip as sometimes it’s quite tricky buying the train tickets online but Chai Chin did a good job with it on his own. “Syabas”

In order to get a Russian visa, the first thing we need is an invitation (also known as visa support letter) which can be obtain online with a minimal fee.  Only after getting the invitation we can start applying directly for the Russian visa online and when completed we need to bring all the documents to the Russian Embassy with our passports and also making a payment of RM200.00 via a local bank near the embassy. It takes about 20 days for them to process the visa. And as for the China visa it’s very straight forward. Go directly to their processing centre in KL personally with all relevant documents and it takes 4 days. The cost is RM88.30

Travelling dates:

August 7 to September 5, 2016




Our journey was a combination of Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railway routes. The most popular by far.

9 St Basil's Cathedral - the 1st place we visited

Our first destination St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow.

0 Trans-Siberian Railway with Chai Chin - Aug 7 to Sep 5, 2016

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