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Last few Tennis n HIIT Tabata sessions for 2017


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Mamak mee at Restaurant Arafa after traning.


tbwl Hiking – Gunung Datuk

Gunung Datuk is located at Rembau town, in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Standing at 885 meters high, Gunung Datuk gives a 360 degree panorama view of the state.  The summit is easily identified by the formation of huge rocks with steel ladders for assistance.


Krystal See

Amanda Tho

Soh Sheng Wei





more pictures can be found by clicking on racket below


Tabata Interval Tennis Workout




Tabata interval tennis workout to stay fit for tennis.

We started off with warm up exercises before stretching because stretching with “cold” muscles can lead to injury.

After raising the temperature of our body and muscles we can now safely begin the very high intensity exercises with short period of rest in between exercises.

Finally we finished off with cooling down Yoga stretches.

Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club – Royal Klang Club


Affiliation with Royal Klang Club

We made a day trip to Port Dickson to “cari makan” and towards the evening we played some tennis to burn out some calories that we put in earlier.

4 tennis courts with 1 on the roof top.

Synthetic Turf Tennis Courts

A synthetic Turf Tennis court is a surface comprised of polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibers infilled with a specially graded sand top dressing. The sand filled dressing comes in a variety of colors, with green or sandstone being the most popular colors.  It is an ideal surface for customers with older courts that have severe structural cracking.  Because heavy equipment is not required for installation, it is also ideal for in hard-to-access locations. It can also be installed on a new concrete, asphalt or aggregate base.  The resulting surface is slower and more forgiving, much like a clay court, without the maintenance and foul weather issues inherent with them. The specially designed sand filled surface holds firm, even after a heavy rain, reducing wait time to minutes instead of hours. The sand level and size may be adjusted to the customers preference on ball speed and foot play.  A court with more sand will be slower and create a slip and slide effect more like a clay court.   A court with less sand will be faster and offer more stability.  This product carries a full 7 year warranty and has a minimum surface life of 20 years.


We had a match with one of the lady member from PD Yacht Club by the name of Ginny and she partnered Hock Chye. My partner Victor and I won the first set 7 – 6 and lost the second set 6 – 0