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Fish Noodles Soup – SK Seafood Noodles Restaurant



After a good workout from playing tennis, gym, swimming and sauna this morning it’s only fair that we reward ourselves with a good, delicious and healthy meal for lunch.


Their fish noodles soup is quite unique and you have two choices with either traditional soup base with tomatoes and yam version. Today we ate the fried fish meat in tomato broth. Every bit of it is so delicious. Must certainly come back for more and also try the yam version.

RM10.50 per serving

SK Seafood Noodles Restaurant

No. 41, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 2A,

Batu Unjur, Bayu Tinggi 2,

41200 Klang



Porridge – Sin Shi Cheng Restaurant






Simple but taste wise was excellent. Porridge with many varieties of side dishes including frog legs. We were there after our karaoke session around 9.30pm and there were only few customers. Apparently this place will only be pack later towards the night as their operating hours are from 6pm to 3am.

Restaurant Sin Shi Cheng

35, Jalan Bayu Tinggi 7,

Taman Bayu Tinggi,

41200 Klang