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Chendol – Chendol Raja Jumaat






Formerly located at Jalan Raja Jumaat off Jalan Kampung Jawa. Hence this place is fondly known as Chendol Raja Jumaat even after shifting to it’s new location at 1st Mile of Jalan Kampung Jawa. The owner is an elderly Malay Pakcik who speaks fluent Hokkien. This place is famous for it’s Chendol and ABC Chendol. They also serves mee jawa, curry mee and other dishes but my favorite is the laksa utara with ABC Chendol.

Chendol Raja Juamaat

Batu 1, Jalan Kampung Jawa,



Chendol and Rojak – Hong Leong Bank Chendol and Rojak

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The best chendol and rojak in Klang. Formerly was situated in front of Hong Leong Bank but now all the food trucks are base beside the big field. Look for the Indian guy with a white hat by the name of Kaniappan AL Perumal.

Chendol and Rojak Food Truck(Hong Leong Bank) 

Bandar Bukit Tinggi(in front of the big field)