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Wan Tan Mee – Heng Kee

Many would have known (probably even non-Chinese) that Wantan Mee (or also known as wanton noodles) is one of the trademark dishes of the Chinese community in Malaysia and beyond. In fact, the availability of this noodles is so abundant that almost every corner in a Chinese-lived vicinity has it.


Being bred in Klang and having tried some new and old Wantan Mee stalls, I have always stayed loyal to the one and only which I think has a quality of taste standing above par.


The green pickle chilly is a must when eating wan tan mee.


But my favorite is still the broad type of wan tan mee as shown above.

Heng Kee – Wan Tan Mee

Emporium Makan,

6, Jalan Raja Hassan,

 Kawasan 18,

41300 Klang,



Chicken Rice – Nasi Ayam Hiang Kee

I am a huge fan of chicken rice especially the hainanese chicken rice and the steam version which is always great. The chilly sauce is truly impeccable. If you are not from Klang you will not be using the dark soy sauce with the rice. It’s practically a ritual for Klangites to shower the rice with plenty the dark sauce. An awesome sight and if you have not tried it please do so because you will not regret it. 
Nasi Ayam Hiang Kee
Emporium Makan
Jalan Raja Hassan
41400 Klang