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Sri Lankan Cuisine – Lankan Cafe

 An authentic Sri Lankan cuisine with a tinge of Malaysian influence only at Lankan Cafe.



A cozy place to enjoy delicious homemade food with friends and family.


Mutton Puttu Kottu

This is my first time eating Puttu and I loved it.
It wasn’t as spicy and it reminded me of fried couscous. It was like a flavored fried rice with chunks of  mutton meat.
It came with a side of sweet chutney and some crackers.



Iddiyappam – string hoppers

Sri Lankan recipes make copious use of strong spices and hell lot of chillies; resulting to dishes that are fiery, utterly delicious and rich in flavours such as this fish curry which made my tongue on fire.


A must-try at Lankan Cafe is the Appam. The Appams are fluffy and chewy in the centre and crunchy on the edges. A light coconut taste fills your mouth with each bite. If you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, try the egg Appam with a sunny side up egg.


Lankan Cafe

388, 1st Floor, Jalan 5/59,

Bukit Gasing,

Petaling Jaya