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Afternoon Tea – The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur


tbwl at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur


the art of a luxury hotel experience



Afternoon Tea


A truly elegant and refined space for a leisurely afternoon spent partaking in the time-honored ritual of Afternoon Tea. Indulging ourselves in three elegant tiers of freshly baked scones, petite gourmet sandwiches, quiches, pies and desserts accompanied with a perfectly-steeped pot of The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur Blend. The tea was so nice that I lost count of  the number of cups I drank.

The ambience is enhanced by a quartet that plays soothing melodies.


The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur

168, Jalan Imbi,

55100  Kuala Lumpur


Curry Chee Cheong Fun – Ah Yee Curry Mee


Ah Yee Curry Mee, or 阿姨咖喱面 is located along Jalan Kepong Baru opposite a surau in Taman Kepong, the street surrounded by many other Chinese street food which are famous too.


Chee Cheong Fun is the highlighted here, and of course it is popular with a reason. What makes Ah Yee Curry Mee Chee Cheong Fun noteworthy would probably be the flat rice noodles itself which is smooth, with more chews. It is freshly prepared by a noodle factory using owner’s special recipe, only for Ah Yee Curry Mee stall.


The Curry Kueh Teow is equally good with lots of ingredients and almost raw cockles.


They are very generous with the curry broth because this are the 2 dishes that are most popular with the customers. Tasted really good especially the Curry Chee Cheong Fun.


Ah Yee Curry Mee 阿姨咖喱面 (Opposite Surau Taman Kepong)

Jalan Kepong Baru,


40150 Kuala Lumpur.

Local n Western Food – Charlie’s Cafe


Opened by Malaysian couple Sonny & Debra with a view to benefiting indigenous workers from Sabah & Sarawak as well as people who might not be able to afford a meal.



This chicken is damn bloody good. A must dish to order if you re here.


The Sarawak Laksa is also just as good. Not so spicy but very flavorful.


We had to try the Nasi Lemak because it’s a common food in Malaysia and everyone eats it. Here it’s best to go with the Ayam Goreng Berempah.

Just 2 of us and we shared 3 items. Totally satisfying meal and for dessert we had the Durian soft ice-cream. Buy one free one. Yummy!



There are two components of Charlie’s mission. Behind the scenes in the kitchen, the Borneo-born Sonny & Debra employ mainly folks from East Malaysia & try to use a fair bit of indigenous produce for their menu. Secondly, for customers who want to help out, a pay-it-forward sponsored-meals system is available: Give the cashier RM5, take a receipt & post it on the board; other people who come in can claim a free meal using your receipt if they’re short of cash or struggling to make ends meet.

Charlie’s Cafe

29, Jalan Bukit Desa 5,

Taman Bukit Desa,

58100 Kuala Lumpur

Hakka Cuisine – Ying Ker Lou

Hakkas have a distinctive culture and history, with a lineage believed to be the descendants of the northern Hans people living in Shanxi, Henan and Hebei. As the named ‘Hak’ means ‘guest’ in Chinese character, as they are newcomers when they fled south plagued by wars and disasters during Eastern Jin Dynasty. Hakka cuisine, to some extent, was greatly influenced by their culture and living conditions during the migration. When fertile area had already been occupied by the locals, they need to roam far and wide for agricultural land. It required great physical strength. Hence traditional Hakka cuisine has these characteristics : salty, oily, flavorful and preserved.








I am probably the descendants of the Han people and I am proud of my Chinese heritage and being a Hakka I would always bring my foreign guest to dine here as the food are so authentic and also they have outlets in most major shopping mall in Klang valley.

Ying Ker Lou
Lot S 231 and 232, Second Floor
The Gardens Midvalley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Banana Leaf Rice – Devi’s Corner


William Yap

Bangsar’s most treasured Indian restaurant is built on the foundation of rich curries and generously spicy condiments. The restaurant’s daytime banana leaf section is tucked away upstairs, the banana leaf range is an impressive one – opt for the creamy, dreamy Kerala fish curry but be wary of the chilli-laced mutton masala. The curry laced fried bitter gourd is free flow. This isn’t the cheapest banana leaf meal in town but air-conditioned Bangsar corners come with a price.

The tables here are communal, so you’ll most probably be sitting next to a stranger during your meal during peak lunch hour.

Devi’s Corner
14, Jalan Telawi 4,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Nasi Berlauk – Restoran Kak Som

kampong baru

Bird’s eye view of Kampong Baru. The contrast of the old village and the sky scrappers divided only by the highway.

kampong baru5

kampong baru2

Lauk – lauk


Nasi Kerabu

kampong baru4

Nasi biasa berlauk

The menu features the all famous Nasi Kerabu where its fluffy rice is cooked with bunga telang along with a variety of minced ulam (traditional salad) distributed on top completing it with a few splash of sambal and budu (fish sauce). Aside from the Nasi Kerabu, Kok Sam’s serves an equally excellent nasi dagang and laksam. Forget about your knowledge on laksa as Kak Som will bring you a northern style Kelantanese laksa. If you’re not feeling up to these particular dishes, there’s always the lauk style (rice and dishes) where the food is all set upfront for you to indulge.

Restoran Kak Som

No 13 B, Jalan Raja Muda Musa,

50300 Kampung Bharu,

Kuala Lumpur

Ipoh Hor Fun – Restaurant Pau Kee





Pau Kee’s main dish is Ipoh hor fun, steamed chicken, and prawn wantan but in addition to that, they also have wantan mee, and Ipoh style curry mee (with curry chicken).

The one benefit of them serving all these different dishes is that you can let your imagination run wild and have combos such as wantan mee with curry soup, or dried “wantan mee” but with hor fun instead.

I had my Ipoh Hor Fun soup with Prawn Wanton.

Restaurant Pau Kee
No 10, Jalan Utara (next to Honda showroom)
off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

International buffet – Contango




ADSC_dessert- perhaps the most beautiful colors in life ^^


Being the only hotel in Kuala Lumpur to be included in the Leading Hotels of the World luxury hotel collection, this is indeed a place which showcases the perfect fusion of heritage and contemporary trends.

Located at the newly built Tower Wing of Majestic KL, Contango is a cosy yet elegant restaurant featuring an open kitchen interactive dining concept with spacious seating capacity, serving delightful buffet of variety cuisines ranging from Western to Chinese, Japanese, Malay and Thai. A place of great dinning atmosphere, lovely services & sumptuous cuisines.

Contango @The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Kopitiam – Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Hoi Kee


This food centre is very spacious and with many stalls selling many varieties of food but what caught my eyes was the Black Man Nasi Lemak stall. As the name implies the man mending the stall has a very dark complexion. At first I was not sure if he’s Chinese or another race therefore I do not know in what language I should communicate with him but luckily he spoke first and he was speaking in Cantonese fluently. LOL!

This is the Chinese version of the Nasi Lemak and they have the usual stuffs as the Malay version but with additional Hakka Pai Kut, Curry Potato and Wild Boar Curry.

Since I have not tried Nasi Lemak with Hakka Pai Kut and Curry Potato I gave it a try. It was awesome!

Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Hoi Kee

2 Jalan Segambut Tengah,

51200 Segambut,

Kuala Lumpur

Fish Ball Noodle – Kedai Kopi Wah Chue






The best fish ball noodle.

The variety of different fish pastes in each bowl proves to be an amazing taste. The fish paste is prepared every morning from scratch. Wet and dry versions are available. The soup is simply delicious and the fish paste is one of a kind the moment when you put into your mouth and start chewing it. Such a joy to eat this.

Kedai Kopi Wah Chue

Jalan Ayer Lombong,

Air Panas,

53200 Setapak

Kuala Lumpur.