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Kah Ping/Food Court Centre – Klang


Since this food court has no name to it we the locals call it as Kah Ping which is the name of one of the more popular stalls here. This is our regular breakfast hangout area after our morning tennis session on weekends.


Kah Peng is famous for it’s Mee Hoon Kueh and their drink Cappuccino Ais.



The Siew Yoke and Duck are totally awesome.


The famous Jalan Batai Char Kueh Teow always has a long queue.


Excellent Chicken Rice at Top 1 stall.

roasted chicken rice

Roast Chicken Rice at Nasi Ayam Hiang Kee stall.


Chinese style Nasi Lemak Kuantan the latest addition here in an island stall.

Kah Ping/Food Court Centre

No.3, Lot 206,

Jalan Gelugor,
Kawasan 17,

41150 Klang.


Nasi Lemak – Brilliant Nasi Lemak House


Easy to find just look out for CIMB bank and the restaurant is next to it.


I need to taste all in one go so I ordered the platter which consist of Deep Fried Chicken, Stuffed Sotong and Sambal Udang.

Once a while it’s good to move away from the original Malay Nasi Lemak and go to the Chinese version of Nasi Lemak.


Brilliant Nasi Lemak house started in Kepong back in July 2010. Over the years, they have expanded their business to have branches in Puchong, Damansara Utama and Kota Damansara. Bukit Tinggi in Klang was opened in Oct 2015. Their nasi lemak set is their best seller with side order choice of pork rendang, chicken nyonya, stuffed squid and shrimp. Their sambal is tasty, moist, spicy and with nicely diced onions in them.


Brilliant Nasi Lemak House

20 Lorong Batu Nilam 4B,

Bandar Bukit Tinggi,

41200 Klang,


Nasi Lemak – Bumbung Nasi Lemak


The sunken kitchen under the roof(bumbung)


The alley


The Nasi Lemak

Bumbung is located in the alley right beside S.E.A Park Maybank  The alley is lighted up with fluorescent light and surprisingly there’s no weirdie smell and its very clean.

All Malaysian should know what is Nasi Lemak and this place is famous for it.

The sambal is not spicy and a little sweet in it, suitable for those who don’t like spicy. The egg they prepared is ”Mata Kerbau” sunny side up egg instead of hard boiled egg. Finally, the fried chicken, fried till golden brown, crispy at the outside, juicy in the inside, a lot spices flavor in it. Last but not least, served hot on a plate with a piece of banana leave to enhance the flavor of the rice and a little bit of cucumber slices, peanuts & ikan bilis.

Bumbung Nasi Lemak

Jalan 21/11b,

46300 S.E.A Park  Petaling Jaya,


Western and Thai Cuisine – Grill & Chop Kitchen

Taman Rakyat is built for the Klangites to exercise in a place close to nature and a place for healthy activities.
This restaurant is situated inside the Taman vicinity.
Prices are very reasonable and the servings are generous. The western food is great and also the Nasi Lemak is a must try item. I had the one with sambal sotong which taste so tender and the sambal was awesome.
Grill & Chop Kitchen Western and Thai Cuisine
Taman Rakyat
41200 Klang,

It’s Pork, It’s Good! – Old School Cafe






The wall in the restaurant is decorated with a huge chalkboard written with Maths formula which reminds me of my sixth form Double Maths. The Old School menu which resemble exercise book used during school days certainly brings back old school memories. In keeping with the “school” theme, waitresses are dressed in school uniforms which looks more like Bangkok school girls.

Since it was my first trip to this place I ordered something familiar which is the Nasi Lemak with 3 types of pork dish – Siu Yuk, Hakka fried and Rendang. All the 3 tasted real good and I have to add another serving of the Sambal which was not sufficient for me. The serving is big so can actually feed 2 normal person.

Old School Cafe 

22A, Jalan Puteri 2/4,

Bandar Puteri,

47100 Puchong,


Nasi Lemak – Village Park Restaurant


Village Park Nasi Lemak-002


If there is one nasi lemak place which is visited by so many celebrities, VIPs and politicians, then it should be Village Park in Uptown Damansara. You can see pictures like ex-PM Tun Dr. Mahathir and current prime minister Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak and his family, Lee Chong Wei and many others parading on the wall of the restaurant.
The nasi lemak is a simple and flavourful food. Some say a good nasi lemak depends on the sambal chilli sauce and I will disagree on that. I am never a sambal lover even though I adore nasi lemak. In my opinion, it is the whole package. A delicious nasi lemak should have rice with thick coconut scent, crunchy fried anchovies and peanuts, freshly cut cucumbers, beautiful egg, not too spicy sambal sauce and put on top of the banana leaf. You get many textures in this plate of rice, the softness of the rice to the crunchy texture of the anchovies. The deep fried chicken with crunchy outer layer and tender meat is the extra and you will love it.
Village Park Restaurant
No 5 Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

Nasi Lemak – Nasi Lemak Mami

Nasi Lemak Mami terletak di Southern Park, Klang. Nasi Lemak yang telah bertapak lebih kurang 30 tahun ini dikatakan popular dikalangan penduduk Taman Selatan dan sekitarnya. Keunikan nasi lemak ini adalah kerana ia dihidang dengan sayur kangkung dan tauhu. Pelanggan juga diberi pilihan lauk seperti ayam goreng panas, daging, kerang, ayam masak merah dan sambal sotong. Sambal dan ayam goreng panas adalah kegemaran saya.
The sambal and fried chicken are super awesome!
Nasi Lemak Mami (Right next to 7-11)
Lorong Jelutong,
Southern Park,