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Hawker Food – Restauran Makanan Sun Sea






My first time in this area and basically I am here for 3 things the pork noodles, Penang curry laksa and beef noodles. Managed to eat all 3 in one trip with the help from a family member. I was impressed with the place with so many other varieties of food to choose from. A true typical kopitiam in Malaysia. The Penang curry laksa was great with lots of flavor from the broth. Presentation is identical to the ones you find in Penang. The beef noodles was also great with lots of ingredients, clear broth and a generous amount of beef and offal. Last but not least the pork noodle was beyond my expectation. There was the usual pork slices, minced pork, innards, lard but I did not expect to see some seafood inside such as the prawns and squids. That makes the broth sweeter than the other pork noodles elsewhere.

While I was the midst of consuming my food I heard someone called out my name from our adjacent table and I look up and there she was a primary school classmate in standard one from Klang. What a small world! She was seated with her husband and we started a conversion about food. They ordered the pan mee which is apparently very good. So my next trip there I will try the pan mee and the kolok mee which I noticed.

Restauran Makanan Sun Sea

Jalan Hujan Rahmat,

Overseas Union Garden,

off Old Klang Road

58200 Kuala Lumpur