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Chinese Seafood Pulau Ketam Cuisine – Jin Sheng restaurant


This restaurant only opens for lunch on weekdays and dinner on weekends. This is a non air condition place so it can get kinda hot during lunch time, not to mention, packed! Serves very authentic Chinese Pulau Ketam style of cooking. A good place to have brunch.

  • Closed on Mondays
  • 8:00am – 3:30pm (Tue-Sat)
  • 5:30pm – 9:30pm (Sun)


Ginger wine chicken… Love this dish! Kampung chicken cooked with some mushrooms, ginger and Chinese wine. The ginger garnish is fried till crisp.


Fish meat, fish ball and prawns all steamed in a special oil sauce.


Soft Eggplant with dried shrimp – heavenly!


Steamed Lala



Jin Sheng Restaurant

3-A, Lorong Sentosa 4,

Taman Bayu Tinggi,

41200 Klang



This is not a fancy restaurant but it serves great Chinese food.

Open for lunch and dinner

Photo from Lucas Yap Phang Hee

All the signature dishes below


Yam Fish Head Pot


Champagne Pork Ribs with sweet Watermelon balls


Big n Small – a combination of big pork knuckles and small chicken feet


Sweet dessert after an awesome meal with friends


Soon Wah Seafood Restaurant

69, Jalan Angsa,

Taman Berkeley,

41150 Klang


Seafood – Restaurant Hee Soon Fong



The fish was good, the deep-fried chicken was great as it was something new and we have never eaten deep-fried chicken coated with finely ground salted fish before. And the green vegetable is called dragon vege.

Well, the food was as good as can be because the owner claims that it’s all home cook style and we noticed that the whole family was running the restaurant maybe 3 to 4 generations are all there.

Restaurant Hee Soon Fong

Jalan Klang Banting,

Taman Telok,

Telok Panglima Garang,


Seafood – Restaurant Bay Watch






Located beside the shore at Tanjong Sepat, one can enjoy the breeze and even the sunset when dine in at Bay Watch restaurant.

A no-frills restaurant setting, al-freso dining with great Malacca Straits view!

Very affordable and fresh seafood lunch with scenic view, we couldn’t ask for more!

Bay Watch Restaurant
72, Jalan 3, Tepi Laut
42800 Tanjong Sepat
Kuala Langat,


Seafood – Restoran Perlama Seafood


If you have not been here before you will have difficulties searching for this restaurant.  Sunset with some seafood escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. A great environment for diners.

Their Signature dishes are Seafood Congee, Assam Fish, Salted Egg Mantis Prawn or Prawns, baked Crabs and Steamed Clams.

The food here is something that we can recommend to others but lately the prices has gone up beyond beyond reasonable.

Perlama Seafood Restaurant

No. 6, Jalan Tangki,

Off Jln Kem,

42000 Port Klang


Seafood – Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant


This place is very near the old airport and as I was sitting in the restaurant eating my lunch I saw through the window Air Melindo was making a landing into the airport runway.

One of the most famous restaurant in this area. Food is fresh and tasty, service is good, very spacious inside and most importantly pricing is not expensive.

Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant

8, Lorong 1d,

Kampung Subang,

40150 Shah Alam,


Seafood – Port Village Seafood Restaurant

Famous Port Village Seafood Restaurant (港村海鲜楼) @ Tanjung Harapan North Port, Port Klang Experience 1



 thumb_600 (1)



Baby 1414

Baby 1418


Port Village has been at Tg Harapan (North Port) for some years now.
As you walk along the plank walkway to the restaurant you pass big aquariums with live fishes and prawns. These can be selected for your meal.
It’s a simple, spacious place with wooden tables and plastic chairs.

The ambiance is very natural, windy, shady, small wave roaring but the seawater is, of course not clean as expected. No crystal blue water here. Well, this restaurant was built on top of it and you could expect some of the washing, cooking dispensing will right into the water… well, overall the scene is calm and it just gives you the feeling of SEAFOOD…

No matter what, this place is wonderful for family gathering, have a great meal, chi chatting, beering , enjoying the scene, listening to sea water … contemplating at boats…. that’s one of the wonderful life that we should appreciate… The crabs, kum heong bamboo clams and Hailam Mee must try!

Port Village Seafood Restaurant

Lms-A-12800, Tanjung Harapan,

41000 Port Klang,