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Wan Tan Mee and Beef Noodles – Long Sheng Food Stall



Wan Tan Mee Beef Noodles


Char Siew Wanton – Wan Tan Mee


The Restaurant owner Mr. Ng(standing) my senior in La Salle School Klang

Klangites may recall the Chinese Kopitiam located in the corner shop at the main street in Little India in Klang that was famous for it’s coffee and tea and also the Beef Noodles. It was my favorite place to savor the Beef Noodles as not many places offer such noodles in Klang  but unfortunately Mr. Ng had to close his business as the shop owner sold the property to another person. That was many years ago and only until now when a good friend of mine mentioned about the new opening of the noodle shop by Mr. Ng in a new location nearly a month ago and I immediately gathered a few friends to taste again the Beef Noodles. I took a spoonful of the broth and it tasted so good as before. The original recipe from Canton province introduce by Mr. Ng’s father from China. And those who do not consume beef can opt for other dishes too.

Long Sheng Food Shop

4, Jalan Rodat 2/KU5,

Bandar Bukit Raja,

41050 Klang,


Wan Tan Mee – Heng Kee

Many would have known (probably even non-Chinese) that Wantan Mee (or also known as wanton noodles) is one of the trademark dishes of the Chinese community in Malaysia and beyond. In fact, the availability of this noodles is so abundant that almost every corner in a Chinese-lived vicinity has it.


Being bred in Klang and having tried some new and old Wantan Mee stalls, I have always stayed loyal to the one and only which I think has a quality of taste standing above par.


The green pickle chilly is a must when eating wan tan mee.


But my favorite is still the broad type of wan tan mee as shown above.

Heng Kee – Wan Tan Mee

Emporium Makan,

6, Jalan Raja Hassan,

 Kawasan 18,

41300 Klang,


Wan Tan Mee – Restaurant Wah Chai

13744559_0McyiMRYCmIe026bzd7GLFpebW1R2BdyYFufJL5dvBE    20100614-DSC_8149 chickenfeetwanton    SAM_0698

This is one of my favourite place to have food. The main attraction here is they have a variety wantan mee styles to choose from. For example, they have normal wantan noodles, curry wantan noodles, laksa wantan noodles, shang har mee, mushroom chicken feet wantan noodles and honey BBQ rib wantan noodles. The business is rather good and it is usually full on lunch time.

Restaurant Wah Chai

Persiaran Batu Nilam 1,

Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,

41200 Klang,